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Tio Gringo – Reign In Mud LP


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Tio Gringo – the perfect solution to any mood disorder.
Operating from Suck City a.k.a. Breda, The Netherlands, this band was formed 7 years ago and plays country trash along the lines of Bob Wayne, Hank III, etc.. Its past and present members have their roots in bands like Batmobile, Gecko Brothers, The Toasters and Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation. The result is a mix that renders your throat go dry, and instantly increases your appetite for beer, whiskey or any type of strong liquid medicine for that matter.


1 Cletus
2 She’s Got More Nuts
3 Son Of A Gun
4 Why Me
5 Chick Controls His Mind
6 Rocky Way Of The Drinkin’ Man
7 Another Dealer
8 Not That Easy
9 Baldheaded Moonshine Drinking Man
10 Bastard Son (Of A Linedance Mom)
11 Panda
12 Tequilla In The Blueglass


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