No bullshit Hardcore music and recognizable lyrics is what you can expect when these 5 guys step on the stage. In 2009 They released there first E.P. Including ‘F.U.B.A.R.’, ‘Backstabber’, ‘H.C. State Of Mind’ and ‘Brutal Thruth’. The E.P. was recorded by WD Glashouwer, the leadsinger form Manu Armata, a respected Hardcore band from Harlingen. In 2011 they released there first Album, ‘Louder Than Words’. The Album contains 12 songs including, ‘Louder Than Words’, ‘Draw The Line’, ‘Stick To Your Roots’ and ‘Our Pride’. Also recorded by WD in the Double Impact Studio.

Tracklist CD
1) Coffeehouse Bullshit
2) Louder Than Words
3) Freedom Of Speeach
4) Never Judge
5) Honor And Respect
6) Let em Down
7) Draw The Line
8) Don’t Forget To Breathe
9) Scumbag
10) 0513
11) Stick To Your Roots
12) No Turning Back
13) Our Pride

Tracklist E.P.
1) F.U.B.A.R.
2) HC State Of Mind
3) Brutal Truth
4) Backstabber