After the Dutch hardcore band MM split up, long-time friends Bart (ex- MM) and Ray (ex- MM, State of Affairs , For A Few Dollars More) decided to keep on playing music together. They kept jamming in the rehearsal room and went on the lookout for additional band members. Mattis (ex- Checkmate) joined the two on vocals, and soon the first new tunes were written. Later Andre (Jamestown) joined in, and the recording of the first demo started. Soon the band played a bunch of shows and started to build a live reputation with their enthusiasm. As last addition the band was reinforced with Mick on the second guitar to give the sound that bit of more spike to work with. Watch out for some catchy old school hardcore punk tunes with a touch of melody!

For Fans Of: Gorilla Biscuits, Snapcase, Vandals, CIV, Grey Area, 98 Mute

1) Impact
2) Old Friends
3) Through The Years
4) Living Chance
5) Take It Back