Over 20 years of experience (Antidote, Disturbance, I Reject and more) led to an amazing new band in the dutch underground! Taking pub and punk rock to a higher level. BAND: Now here’s a bunch of guys that do not want to conform to only one genre of music. They sail the electric oceans of distortion where ever the underground currents of inspiration will bring them. It could be Punk Rock just as easily as Hard Rock. Take a sidewind of Garage Rock and blow straight back to Glam Rock. Give them a couple of beers and they jam hard into Pub Rock. Now what do you call a band that’s not afraid to tap into any kind of subcultural guitar phenomenon and blend it into one solid sound? That’s right: SUBROCKERS! And it’s SUB ROCK they play!

Pressing info: 100 x black 200 x white 10x testpressing (surprise colour: factory’s choice) comes with lyric/picture sheet and deluxe matt varnish on the cover.

A1 Taxidriver
A2 Controlling the machine
A3 Sexual
A4 Full moon rocket
B1 Subrocker
B2 Nighttime action
B3 Playing games