No hypes, no trends, just pure impact! Since their foundation in 2003, Strike First have been doing what they like best.Nothing more, nothing less. Where the first 2 releases on the infamous Crucial Response Records had a strong Cro-Mags feel to them, the sound has evolved into a heavier and more metallic kind of hardcore. Strike First blends R.J.’s haunting roars with blazing guitar riffs, solos and crushing drum beats to create another 25 minutes of pure rage.  With standout tracks like ‘I Deceiver’, ‘No Salvation’ and ‘Death Marches On’ The band once again proves that they have found a great way to balance on the fine line between oldschool hardcore and heavy trashmetal.

1. Soul Seller
2. I Deceiver
3. Frozen
4. Dethroned
5. No Salvation
6. Death Marches On
7. Driven By Demons
8. Guilt Trip
9. The Human Devil
10. At Wit’s End
11. Neglected