18-track compilation featuring 18 different bands. Review from Punk in the UK First up are Criminal Intent with Oi song ‘Night Violence’. Ohio River Rats are next with the song ‘Another Day’. Fed Up kick in next with ‘Bitchslap’ which is full on 1980’s D.R.I. style hardcore. ‘Shotgun Libertarian’ by the Cut-Offs follows which is a straight up punk song. Frontline Soldiers are next with ‘Reclaim Strength’ a really good Oi song. Dead End Path play some good hardcore/Oi on ‘Welcome to my World’ which reminded me of Agnostic Front. I wasn’t gonna list all the tracks on here but I changed my mind after hearing ‘Working Man’ by Breaking Point, an excellent punk hardcore song. The next band have one of the worst names I’ve ever heard of (which coming from an ex member of Lemon Enema is saying something). Aggressive Housespider play fast metal punk. Reason to Fight sound like GBH crossed with Verbal Abuse on ‘Revolt’ and is one of the stand out tracks. Skin Disorders’ ‘Pitbull Aggression’ Kicks Ass. Korova have the best named track on the album ‘Nazis Ruined Shaved Heads’ and play hardcore that wouldn’t have been out of place in the early 90’s. End of Humanity sound like a metal band until the song kicks in proper on ‘Fight 4 Life’ a bit like Earth Crisis but not as heavy. I’ m getting bored of typing!!!!! The next band, Drink Fight Thugs have a good song with ‘ On the House’. ‘Alleged Bricks’ alleged to have done what? Their track ‘Fuck You` is a good Oi! song. ‘All I’ve Got’ by Step2Far is next. I thought ‘Marching On’ by Dead Heros was a tribute to Leeds United but I was clearly mistaken, quite a good track though. Nearly at the end now!! Under Investigation play like fast as you like hardcore on ‘Buffalo Rhino’ (what’s one of those then?) The last track ‘U.S.A.’ by Downlow is a live cover of an old Reagan Youth song and is probably the best track on the album. The bottom line here is, Some great tunes get this CD.