‘Continue The Fight’ will blow you away. The record has a lot of group vocals so if you want to scream along with Still Screaming (no pun intended) you can go right ahead. The next-to-last song ‘The Mission’ stands out because it is an instrumental piano track: not something you would expect on a hardcore record. To compensate they close off their debut in style with ‘Forever Friends’.

For fans of: Terror, Madball or Chain Of Strength and don’t forget the ‘old school’ touch!

1 Final Answer
2 Back To Scream
3 Out Of Our Sight
4 Continue The Fight
5 Far Enough
6 Still Screaming
7 All What’s Left
8 Never Forget
9 Draw The Line
10 Fuck Your World
11 O-h-p
12 Hold On
13 The Mission
14 Forever Friends