Spawned from the illuminating and influential power of New York’s most prominent hardcore bands, and mutated by the onslaught of metalcore and classic brutal death, UK’s STAMPIN’ GROUND have, with their 3rd full length “Carved From Empty Words”, found a comfortable niche that straddles the best of both genres. STAMPIN’ GROUND are no strangers to heavy touring and have held their own with such acts as Madball, Blood For Blood, Agnostic Front, Earth Crisis, Ignite, and even Napalm Death.

Carve From Empty Words exudes power and crushes with contending double bass pounding and clean, yet punishing, heavy riffage — all topped off by a raspy, yet direct, vocal assault. STAMPIN’ GROUND typify a new breed of music that has been made visible by such crossover acts such as Hatebreed and All Out War. A brand of music that gives clear nods to Madball while nestling up quite appropriately with Slayer.

1. Officer Down 04:49
2. Outside Looking in 03:26
3. The Symmetry of Hatred 03:20
4. Bathe My Wounds 04:47
5. Everybody Owes a Death 02:11
6. Fundamental Truth 03:14
7. By Whatever Means Necessary 03:16
8. Nothing Changes Nothing 03:21
9. Mid Death Crisis 03:43
10. Ultimatum 04:20