If you like your hardcore gritty, tough as hell and full of pent up rage, then Melbourne Australia’s Southpaw deliver in spades! The debut full length ‘That’s How We Roll’ was released mid 2014 and has propelled them to the forefront of not only the MCHC scene but the entire Aussie scene. Packed full of breakdowns and groove from start to finish, it just makes you want to dance hard and punch holes in things.

For Fans Of: Madball, Lionheart, Knuckledust, Agnostic Front & Donnybrook.

1. What Really Matters
2. Knot By Knot
3. That’s How We Roll
4. I Blame Myself
5. Loud Mouth
6. Comeback
7. Broken Lives
8. Innocence Reborn
9. Workman’s Grave
10. FTW
11. Stay Strong