Authentic, street born crossover skate thrash, brimming with hooks and dripping with forgotten punk melodies. You’ll find yourself singing along in seconds. Fresh out of Brooklyn and forged by members of Ramming Speed, Hightower, and Prostitution who had a need for post rehearsal skate sessions. We all know that skating and satan goes hand and hoof. You won’t rock harder than SLASHERS!

For Fans Of: Punk, Thrash, Hardcore, Skaterock

A1 Slashers
A2 Skatecation
A3 5 Mile Grind
A4 Kill Your Selfie
A5 Snotty
A6 Nervous
A7 I’d Rather Fight Than Switch
B1 Assault And Battery
B2 Stranger Things
B3 Not Just A Boys Club
B4 If You Don’t Skate Now You Never Did
B5 Reason To Know
B6 March Of The Slasher
B7 Skatriot