Skam Dust came up through the ranks as a member of the infamous ’90s NYHC crew Skarhead, and is now making a name for himself as a hip hop act. On “Corona Drug Bust,” he gets guest appearances from Danny Diablo a.k.a. Lord Ezec, Freddy Madball and Karl from Earth Crisis over these 16 tracks of street-wise hardcore-influenced hip hop.

1. Untouchable
2. Corona Drug Bust
3. Godz Of War
4. The Infamous Skam Dust
5. Pray For Me
6. Out The Zoo Remix
7. Sign Of The Times
8. Ready To Rock
9. Wild Style Life Style
10. Five Borough Manhunt
11. Monkeys Of Darkness
12. The Tale Of Brenda Bled (Junkie Sucker)
13. No Escape
14. Recognize The Rat
15. One Time
16. How Many Times