SIX REASONS TO KILL have the distinction of being insistent and consequent in what they’re doing ? without loosing sight of their target to play modern and aggressive Metal with a strong hardcore impact. In 2012 SIX REASONS TO KILL returned to the Kohlekeller-Studios again to record their fifth full-lengh album. The result is We Are Ghosts, is the most elaborated album of the Koblenz-based five piece. We Are Ghosts is the essence of the bands music. 100% SIX REASONS TO KILL ? but still an improvement. Songs like God Of The Dead or Inked Inside prove the unusual musical spectrum of the band. Dark and heavy influenced sounds, modern melodic Death Metal and some violent riff-shredding join forces on an album that keeps the attention of the listener without being a challenge. The lyrics of singer Lars Tekolf prove the bands consequent straight forward-attitude and try to convey another perspective on social topics. The bands more Metal-influenced sound on We Are Ghosts was well received on a four week full European tour as support for NY-HC-legends Pro-Pain. With We Are Ghosts Six Reasons To Kill are ready to find a way into the hearts of every fan of brutal and melodic music.