Six Reasons To Kill are back with their new single ‘Rote Erde’ they take up to the worldwide successful fifth album ‘We Are Ghosts’. Free from genre borderies and mindless stereotyped thinking of modern age. Six Reasons To Kill present a dark steamroller of Metal: morbid, honest, brutal and dynamic. The new song is honest and full of lifeblood. The social critical topic shows the drawbacks on a direct way and makes you think about it. The second track on the 7″ is a cover from the cult band Dismember. ‘Of Fire’ initiated a goose skin in their youth and is the perfect addition for this release.

Pressing info:
Edition of 302 copies:
– 150 on black vinyl
– 102 on yellow vinyl (this, hand-numbered)
– 50 on red vinyl

Release comes with a download code.

A Rote Erde
B Of Fire