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Shock Waves – Crazy Times LP (color vinyl)


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Only 1 left in stock

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Young, fresh and snotty! The Second full length by the four Bootboy youngsters hit the nail again! Steelcap melodies out of the Streets of Pamplona, here?s the spanish (sorry..basque) Version of PERKELE/EVIL CONDUCT Style Skinhead anthems. 10 pure?n?straight Oi! tunes, sung in english. Tight, sharp and so damn catchy. Like a ?Tattoo in my heart?. Tracklist: 1.) Enjoy with us 2.) Fever of troubles 3.) Shoot at front 4.) Crazy times 5.) Stand Up 6.) Tattooed in my heart 7.) For you 8.) How much police? 9.) Punkrock is coming 10.) Death came

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