In a time when almost every new hardcore band uses a lot of metal influences, a time when even some of the old bands change their style into `metalcore`, Second Chance is holding on tightly to their roots. The band is trying to keep the true spirit of old school hardcore alive: punk rock in the vein of their heroes of the early eighties: Warzone, The Cro-Mags and Agnostic Front. tracklist 1) Why Should I Care 2) Make Amends 3) Tides May Turn 4) Straight Edge Is A Waste 5) We Don’t Care 6) Progress or Poverty 7) Full Spead Ahaid 8) Beg Steal and Borrow 9) Teenage Tragedy 10) All over again 11) G.S. 12) Stand Up 13) The Deal 14) Outro (Break Out and Be Loud)