‘Unstoppable’ is the band’s debut full length offering & also their first on 1054 Records released worldwide on April 4th 2019.
Originating in 2015, Scarfold is a DIY Hardcore band from Montreal, Canada composed of Fab Franco (Vocals), Xavier Morin (Bass), J-S Roy (Guitar) and Martin Gendreau (Drums) which is still the original line-up. Early influences include First Blood, Hatebreed, Warzone,Terror, and, Madball well as fairly recent names in the scene such as Turnstile, Stray From The Path, Get The Shot, and Stick To Your Guns.

01 – The Revenge Of Reality
02 – Unstoppable
03 – By Any Means
04 – It’s Over
05 – Removed
06 – Devolution
07 – Far Gone
08 – Denied
09 – Swallow
10 – The Descent