Limited to only 200 copies on Blood Red Vinyl worldwide you would want to be quick !!!!

Be prepared for this aural assault !! Geelong’s own Rust Proof going global with two brutal new tracks, stepping it up in a big way for this limited edition split 7 inch with Brazil’s most brutal export …..

Worst from Sao Paulo Brazil are one of the worlds premiere acts …. albeit an unfound gem to many possibly due to the fact they have not appeared on any major international label & coupled with the fact that they traditionally sing in their native Portuguese tongue. These two new tracks beckon their arrival on the international scene in a massive way …. 2 new tracks, both in English show they are ready & committed to deliver their unique brand of hardcore brutality to the worlds masses !!! Ahead of their maiden European tour this July they are on the march …. so if you are ready for it show your support !!!!

Rust Proof after their debut album ‘Civil Treason’ are also a band on the rise in big ways … Civil treason stands up on its own as one of the best Aussie releases this decade but these new tracks show the development & growth of the band. Not happy with accolades locally or the success of Civil Treason they have pushed themselves to new limits & it shines through in spades with this release !!!

Overall this is a must have release for all true fans of heavy brutal music & sets the stage for a beautiful collaboration between Australia & Brazil moving forward with big things in the making so stay tuned.