To put it simply, Ritual is a hardcore punk band: a group of four young, passionate musicians who combine their individuality to form a statement against the mental and emotional downfalls of society and the hardcore punk scene. Two years after the release of `Wolves,` Ritual has matured and teenage angst turns to adult despair and frustration. `Beneath Aging Flesh And Bone` is their most reflective and darkest material to date. Think of bands such as CHOKEHOLD, UNBROKEN, MEAN SEASON, REFUSED or ENTOMBED. tracklist: 1. Shiver 2. Nation Of Flies 3. Somewhere In The Rain 4. Guilt Will Get You Anyway 5. The City Lies In Quiet Sleep 6. Clouds 7. The Ghost Is You 8. The Disease Is Me 9. Aging Flesh And Bone 10. Black See