REBORN TO CONQUER one of the most hated bands from Berlin City Germany!!! RTC coming here with their DEBUT CD `FULL COURT PRESS` and this shit is a punch in your face!!! Brutal Beatdown Hardcore fuck ya head!!! Guestvocals by: Dave (Fallbrawl), Nico (Party With Bitches) & Schütte (ex-Wrath of Sanity) For Fans Of: Knock Em’ Dead, Shattered Realm, Swear 2 God tracklist: 01. F.B.K. 02. Blood On Your Hands 03. Stabbed Down (feat. Dave / Fallbrawl) 04. John Doe 05. Dirty Sanches 06. Sonz Of Nemesis (feat. Schütte / ex-WOS) 07. Outbreak 08. First Hit Is Mine