‘Music For Maniacs’ is the 4th full-length album and again filled with 100% aggressive blasting streetsounds. With this album Razorblade is definitely making a statement against the bigger oi! and streetpunk bands who are sounding more poppier, smooth and more professional with bigger productions each year. This album is recorded half-drunk in one day. Nothing is boosted or made smooth, it’s pure and raw aggro just as we think this music was meant to be! The sound is based on the more threatening sounding oi! bands from the UK like Condemned 84, Close Shave and the 4 skins. Also the early wave of skinbands like the early Onkelz in Germany inspired Razorblade to make an album that is raw, honest and real. The artwork is back to the ultimate basics and reminds of the good old days.

1. Music For Maniacs
2. Wolves In Sheeps Clothes
3. We Are Just A Skinhead Band
4. Den Bosch
5. Let’s Get Drunk
6. Dead Stares
7. Trend
8. B.O. (instrumental)
9. De Waarheid Uit Brabant
10. Insomnia
11. Singing And Dancing
12. Niemands Knecht