POWERFUL, ANTHEMIC, AGGRESSIVE, BRUTAL, VIOLENT, HONEST, REAL, GLORIOUS? RAZORBLADE 2012 Razorblade managed to combine all their strong points into one blasting streetrock album. Days of Glory is a summary of everything the band has done and tried in the past 12 years now performed with tons of extra experience and huge improvements on all fronts. The album is packed with anthemic chants and melodies. Brutal power combined with singalongs. Lyrics dripping with agro, words out of life and a message of survival and persistence. Long Road Ahead is a personal song Wouter wrote for his newborn son. Razorblade is about life and every aspect of it. This is life as pure and beautiful as it gets. For fans of: Blood for Blood, Discipline, Sheer Terror and brickwall ’80s UK Oi! DAYS OF GLORY The Coming Days of Glory True Grit Fighting The System Warrior Tribe Stormwind The Getaway Simple Life Long Road Ahead Back in History Banks Of The River