Expect some melodic hardcore with a strong Thrash Metal impact and some modern elements that make A TORCH TO PIERCE THE NIGHT one of the most outstanding releases this year. On top the album is adorned by an artwork by one of the genre most recommended artists Dave Quiggle (PARKWAY DRIVE, SICK OF IT ALL, ATREYU, BURY YOUR DEAD). Last but not John Joseph (CRO-MAGS) added some spoken words to the album. A TORCH TO PIERCE THE NIGHT will help to spread Purifications message. A message which has no better words to sum it than Martin Luther King’s: ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere!’

1 Intro 0:46
2 Legion 4:51
3 A Torch To Pierce The Night 3:03
4 Anatomy Of A Failed Revolution 2:57
5 Lex Talionis 2:54
6 Traders Of One Thousand Diseases 3:43
7 Refusal 4:22
8 Outro 1:15
9 Wake Up Spoken Words By – John Joseph 5:36