Total new school hardcore brutality filled with devastating beatdowns and crushing mid-tempo stomp parts, Providence’s downtuned mix of basic bludgeoning aggression and more complex structures conjures up a dark and bleak vision. Sure to inspire frenzied reactions with its punishing and drawn-out danceparts, ‘Far Beyond Our Depth’ features furious double-bass drumming overlayed with a dense and impenetrable wall of dual guitars.

This is the 2012 re-release with updated artwork and slightly different cover

1 Introblivion 1:16
2 Swim And Sink 3:02
3 Cloverleaf 3:52
4 Tentacles Of Evilution 4:28
5 With Broken Wings 3:42
6 xAfter The Cross x 3:14
7 This Is Filthy Paris (Feat. x Peusnoo x) 4:45