After their ‘Demo 2016’ released by FWH Records, Northwest-Indiana’s PENITENTIARY return with their full-length debut ‘Recidivist’. The band was formed in early 2016 by ex-members of BLOOD IN BLOOD OUT, TO THA PAVEMENT, SHUT THE FUCK UP and BLACKWATER. ‘Recidivist’ features some heavy metallic Hardcore with Beatdown hints and Thrash riffing. Featuring guest-vocals by Zack and Serg of SILVERHAMMER, Joe of NO REASON TO LIVE, Jaaron BLOOD IN BLOOD OUT.

1) Hate Combined (Feat. Zack and Serg of Silverhammer)
2) Lockdown
3) Recidivist (Feat. Joe of No Reason to Live)
4) Deadworld
5) Injustice
6) Piece of Mind
7) Snitch
8) Divert and Divide (Feat Jaaron of Blood In Blood Out)