Get set for the latest chapter in the history of PAURA …. Established in 1995, Brazilian HC band PAURA are true legends of the Sao Paolo Hardcore Scene !!!!!!!
This new album “Slowly Dying Of Survival” is yet another great progression in their long & successful career and is sure to finally put them on the map worldwide where they rightly deserve to be !!
Fresh off their first mini tour of Japan back in June they are set to hit Europe for another full tour from October 12th to showcase their own unique crossover hardcore style & further cement their standing over there.

01 Urban Decay
02 Open All Borders
03 Fool’s Gold Rush
04 No Competition In True Love
05 Call On All Sisters
06 Deny and Defy
07 Because We Care
08 Wisdom Hunt
09 Mayhem Skills
10 Design New Lines
11 Gay Ok!