HARDCORE. PATSY O’ HARA was formed back in early 2007 when 5 young men gathered to start something to live up their love for dark and aggressive yet melodic hardcore-punk. After a well reviewed demo and nearly 50 shows they went into the studio and recorded `deathinteresse` by Robin Völkert (The Now-Denial/Dean Dirg). Musically `deathinteresse` is a badass bastard of rock ‘n’ roll driven hardcore with a good portion of Portland hardcore-punk, not unlike FROM ASHES RISE, TRAGEDY etc. or even early Swedish ENDSTAND with dark and desperate lyrics/vocals which have often been compared to those of MODERN LIFE IS WAR and their likes. `deathinteresse` contains 9 blazing tracks fueled with scathing vocals, driven melodic riffs, and a ton of passion. Armed with anger as their energy and backed by achingly severe riffs, unforgiving beats, and ramrod snarls, the band wades through the ultimate tragedy of the modern world. LP comes with 350gr thick cover, a huge inlay and includes a MP3 coupon for free digital download of this entire album.

1) I am the night, color me black
2) Lethes water
3) You came back with something
4) Agenda 1980
5) Histrionic promises
6) Tyrannis
7) Exile
8) This untaught kid
9) Matutinal bleakness