Started under the banner of COUNT TO REACT this heavy Mosh tank from the rough streets of Paris City is back with their follow-up second full-length… And trust me, this some of the hardest European shit ever. Dark apocalyptic metallic Hardcore sounding like a filthy bastard of KICKBACK, ARKANGEL, ALL OUT WAR and MERAUDER packaged in a blasting production. Guest-vocals French Hip Hop artist Mr. MORBID and Romain PURGATORY. Label: FILLED WITH HATE Records (D). tracklist: 1) The Beginning 2) Rugged Shit 3) Death Row 4) Black Rain 5) The Blood And The Gall 6) Between Light And Shade 7) Wolves Of Man 8) Still Waters 9) After The Fall 10) The Crown And The Thorns 11) Another Day In Paradise