To celebrate their 25-YEAR anniversary, ONLY ATTITUDE COUNTS re-releases their debut full length album ‘Continue The Fight’.
It is out now as a special reissue with refreshed graphics contains bonus tracks from the sold out “We Stand As One” EP.
A Must have in hardcore fan colection. In total 23 tracks.

1 Real Deal
2 Times Are Hard
3 Cold As Life
4 Learned From The Mistakes
5 Like A Family
6 We’re Right
7 Just A Game
8 Our Reality
9 Lost Rules
10 D.M.S.
11 Revenge Of Time
12 We Stand As One
13 Hardcore Pride
14 Continue The Fight
15 Facist Attitudes (Written-By – Agnostic Front)
16 We Stand As One
17 Respect
18 Born Into War
19 D.M.S.
20 Accused Of Existence
21 Live Your Own Life
22 No Pride
23 Final Warning