`One Step Beyond is a five piece hardcore band from the H8000 Area, who released their new CD ‘Our Way’ on Break Bones Fest. They always insist on being yourself at shows, they like sing-alongs and crazy moshpits. They keep the oldschool hardcore alive and they like drinking some beers. They made this CD with the help of Crossfirecult Records, Goodlife Records, Flemish Kingz and so on. The new OSB release is a real bomb in my opinion. Every song brings you back in a party mood. You can sing along with every song if you want to because the lyrics are really great. It’s all about going to a party and having the time of your life, nothing else matters, forgetting all of you sorrows, just having one hell of a time. My favorite songs are ‘This Is Hardcore’,’Our Way’ and ‘Get Down’. ‘From the bar to the stage and back again, having a laugh anytime any day’. Some drinks , some friends, it’s all we need to have a party our way’ is my favorite sentence from the whole album. The oldschool spirit really lives in every song. It’s possible to go crazy at every song, doing what you want and don’t give a fuck about what people say like OSB would say. The vocals and guest vocals from Mad Joe (Wisdom In Chains) are great as well. It’s an album that really shows the best of One Step Beyond. They show motivation at shows and in every song on this album. They bring this album with a lot of confidence and with a positive mind. How to party is been told in this album…` Review by More Than Core.