Ultimate discography by Queens NYC Beatdown Hardcore legends One Second Thought. The 6-panel Digipack-CD features the seven songs of the ‘Self-Inflicted’ MCD released 1999, three songs from their ‘Queens Style’ demo tape released 1996, three songs from their ‘Everyday Struggle’ 7″ released 1997 plus two songs from the ‘Unity’ Compilation released in 1996. In total fifteen tracks packed in a completely new layout designed by Cory OST himself. A massive release with pure historical content dropping you directly into 90’s NYC heavy Beatdown Hardcore with bands like Denied, Bulldoze, Everybody Gets Hurt, Relentless, Restrain, Irate and Billy Club Sandwich.

1 Bring It On (Self Inflicted ’99)
2 Live And Learn (Self Inflicted ’99)
3 Show No Respect (Self Inflicted ’99)
4 All There Is (Self Inflicted ’99)
5 Everyone Bleeds (Self Inflicted ’99)
6 Step Back (Self Inflicted ’99)
7 L.S.S. (Self Inflicted ’99)
8 Last Request (Queens Style ’98)
9 Headcheck (Queens Style ’98)
10 All There Is (Queens Style ’98)
11 Everyone Bleeds (Everyday Struggle ’97)
12 Falling Down (Everyday Struggle ’97)
13 Got You In The End (Everyday Struggle ’97)
14 Another Reason To Die (New Found Hope compilation ’96)
15 Abuse (New Found Hope compilation ’96)