The demise of H-STREET, one of Europe’s leading 88 revival bands, forewarned the coming of a dark age for Austria. But not if vocalist Daniel Braaf had anything to say about it. He recruited his old bandmate Stefan from H-STREET on guitars, wellknown tattooartist Napo on bass, Adam from NEWBORN on drums and Johannes from the legendary hardcore band FALLTIME on second guitar. The combination of the best things the Austrian scene has to offer, resulted in the new powerhouse NOTHING GOLD CAN STAY. Their 2002 demo got mad reviews all over Europe, resulting in a loyal following and a lot of anticipation for their debut full-length. After the deal with Join The Team Player Records fell through, NOTHING GOLD CAN STAY approached Genet Records for a possible collaboration. An obvious choice for both parties, that resulted in the impressive debut album ‘Hate Is Not The Opposite Of Love’. It won’t come as a surprise that NOTHING GOLD CAN STAY dread labels like oldschool or newschool. Although their previous bands were easily classified, this new mix of all the best genres in hardcore is as diverse as it is shattering. Both melodic as screamed vocals combined with driving fast riffs and the occasional singalong make up for one of the most intense and energizing records Europe has spawned these last years. The passion of BANE or their own roots in H-STREET, the intensity of THE HOPE CONSPIRACY and a healthy dose of melodic oldschool ensure an already classic record and the guarantee of crazy show tracklist: 1. Intro (1:48) 2. True Love (3:43) 3. But We Can Still Be Friends (4:24) 4. Human Error (3:40) 5. A Place That Burns Itself Down (2:48) 6. Fly With Broken Wings (3:42) 7. Hello And Welcome To Your Downfall (4:09) 8. Friendly Fire (3:50) 9. How Long (3:11) 10. Wanderers Forever (4:14) 11. Life Ends (3:36)