‘Requiem For Mankind’ is the debut full length assault on 1054 Records by French heavy hitters NFNO & quite simply is an outstanding album from start to finish which is sure to be an instant hit with all fans of intelligent yet brutal riff fueled Hardcore. Musically this album is flawless & Styx’s vocal range is absolutely ridiculous !!! Add to the recipe some crazy guest vocal features & you have the perfect storm !!!

Tracklist :
01. RIP
02. Padre Nuestro
03. King Maggot
04. The Great Deceiver (Feat. Jason / Capital Enemy)
05. Sensitive Trigger (Feat. Rolf / Crackdown)
06. Uncontrolled
07. Bloodshed Scenery (Feat. Louis / Ironed Out)
08. Fucked By Life (Feat. Jack / Kraanium)
09. Stench Of Corruption
10. Redemption’s Way (Feat. Billy Milano / MOD & SOD)
11. Son Of A Mist