Powertrip’ demonstrates a clear progression in how Nothing Done has developed since their inception. Everything has been stripped back to create a raw, urgent hardcore punk record which will surprise a lot of people. ND have added influences from bands like Black Flag and Bl’ast! to their tight and aggressive sound. The record weighs in at a mammoth 31 tracks and this release also acts as a (to date) discography for the band as it also include the out of print 7` and demo recordings which appear here on CD for the first time. Fast, pissed off, hardcore, punk. tracklist 1) Control 2) Wasting my time 3) Powertrip 4) Crackhead 5) Time out 6) Dead Weight 7) Leech 8) Gotta get a fix 9) Imposter 10) Stop Trying 11) Up to you 12) Nothing left to lose 13) Intro 14) incompetence 15) Up to you 16) put down my foot 17) Stick it out 18) Stay on top 19) Your life 20) Idiot Stomp 21) What I think 22) I don’t care 23) Stay on top 24) your life 25) put down my foot 26) leech* 27) put down my foot* 28) up to you* 29) stick it out* 30) wasting my time* 31) idiot stomp* * = live recordings