The notorious Ninebar’s first EP ‘Urban Legends’ (2001) remastered and re-released with their ‘1999BAR Live’ demo as bonus tracks!
Straight up, aggressive no frills hardcore, think Bulldoze/Sheer Terror/Neglect/Fury Of Five made in South London! Featuring members of Knuckledust & Maldito. 15 tracks in total!

Urban Legends (remastered)
1 We Don’t Need
2 Telling It Like It Is
3 Ballistic Trauma
4 All For Nothing
5 Dropping Like Flies
6 First Impressions
1999BAR Live demo (bonus tracks)
7 Intro…Ninebar (Live)
8 Telling It Like It Is (Live)
9 Dropping Like Flies (Live)
10 Lying Cunt (Live)
11 All For Nothing (Live)
12 All Mans Bleed (Live)
13 First Impressions (Live)
14 Fuck BTP (Live)
15 Pussyo (Live)