Rucktion Records proudly presents ‘Raising The Bar’, the long-awaited debut full-length by London’s influential NINE BAR. After 10 years of playing shows up and down the UK and overseas, pioneering the often imitated beatdown style of hardcore in the UK, and several releases, the LBU’s finest are back once again with 12 brand-new songs of pure realness, comparable to the likes of SHEER TERROR, BULLDOZE, FURY OF V, NEGLECT and BREAKDOWN. ‘Raising The Bar’ stays true to the heavy yet non-metallic style that has always been the foundation of NINE BAR’s sound. However, it shows they can effortlessly diversify in many different directions – with speed, occasional melody, and lyrics touching on a wide range of subjects, this is heavy hardcore in its original sense, not played out death metal with 243,169 dance parts that all sound the same. This is a band that knows their history and yet is not afraid to try new things…

1) LBU Is An Army
2) Jaws Of Life
3) In Memorium
4) Violent Intruder
5) Born To Lose
6) It’s Cold Inside
7) Wasted Journey
8) No Comment
9) Choke
10) Read These Boks
11) The Devil In Me
12) Pussy06