The second full-length CD from NineBar. 12 brand new tracks of heavy and original hardcore for fans of Fury Of Five, Sheer Terror and Neglect, from one of London’s longest existing hardcore bands, whose roots reach back into the late 1990’s.

‘900’ sees NineBar blend elements of speed and pounding heaviness with melody and groove, combining their trademark sledgehammer style with occasional rock, punk and metal influences, whilst retaining plenty of the chugging brutality and crushing breakdowns that have brought chaos to dancefloors around the UK and beyond!

Featuring guest vocals by DBS (Kartel, Injury Time) and Pelbu (Knuckledust, Bun Dem Out).

1 Heartless
2 Still Don’t Need…
3 What Could Have Been
4 Hate Kill Repeat
5 Harder Than Ever
6 Again
7 London City Love
8 End All
9 Living A Lie
10 Leech
11 Close Your Nose
12 Years Of Dedication feat. DBS, Pelbu & Po Blower