Murderer’s Row has been around since 2000. Self-described as Motorhead meets Rose Tattoo, their influences are obvious.
Though prior albums have been faster or splashed with hardcore, this album is straight slower rock and roll for punks and drunks.
Songs like “White Collar Crime” bring the US Oi! feel matched with lyrics. Revved up rock like Combat Ready or Bruisers is this band’s strength and separates it from the a generic vibe.

Struggles and the pains of the working class is the common thread the pulls these gritty rock songs together.
And rightly, that incorporates a great Oi! sound into the tracks

1 Liberty Denied
2 Looking For Aggro
3 White Collar Crime
4 Our Struggle
5 Alleyway
6 Slum Nation
7 Facts Of Life
8 Oxblood Steel Toes
9 When The Day Comes
10 Give The Pain