Hailing from Troy, NY, Murderer’s Row wastes no time summing themselves up in the first few lines of track one: ‘We like to drink and we like to fight, but most of all we drink all night’. The follow-up to the Sailor’s Grave release ‘Beer Fueled Mayhem’, ‘The Bully Breed’ takes off right where the band left off.

For fans of Motorhead, AC/DC, The Business and Murphy’s Law.

1. The Bully Breed
2. Piss Poor Working Class
3. Might Makes Us Right
4. Hudson Suds
5. With Us Or Against Us
6. Rat Poison
7. Plunder And Pillage
8. Our Time Is Short
9. Hell Bent For Rock N Roll
10. Train Wreck
11. Stupid Mother Fucker
12. Weight Of The World
13. Never Drink Again