?Life is pain, but we?re still here? is the 3rd and latest installment of label samplers from GSR Music that showcases the label?s roster of crushing bands and gives the chance for some new bands that aren?t on the label to be heard. GSR Music has grown over the years to incorporate many styles of hardcore and metal and that shows with new bands such as Blind Sight, 37 Stabwoundz and Bridge To Solace that deliver a brutal metallic assault that bludgeons with every blow given, yet still has unbridled melody and choruses that will have you singing at the top of your lungs. On the other hand there is the old school sound which is represented by the likes of Ironbound NYC with its famous line up of NYHC allstars and Black Friday 29 with their hardcore anthems for the masses. Then of course there are the bands that helped to shape the label such as Born From Pain and Knuckledust which help tie everything together. ?Life is pain, but we?re still here? ties in the old, the new, the hardcore, the metal and then so much more. There are over 10 tracks from new breed hardcore bands that showcase their talents from all over the world, which is just a part of GSR giving back to the scene that spawned it. This sampler is a great way to find out about the current crop of diverse bands from GSR. You?ll only want more after hearing it! 1 KNUCKLEDUST – Burning Fight 2 BLIND SIGHT – Sticks and Stones 3 LIAR – Murder Manifesto 4 BRIDGE TO SOLACE – The Dead And The Unknown 5 ENEMY GROUND – Serve My Hate 6 THE SETUP – Out of Sync 7 APOCALYPSE NOW – In This World 8 IRONBOUND NYC – Dismay 9 ZERO MENTALITY – Traitor Of My Own 10 BLACK FRIDAY ?29 – Pressure Release 11 BORN FROM PAIN – Black Gold 12 SHEER TERROR – Just Can’t Hate Enough 13 37 STABWOUNDZ – A Death, Once Victory 14 PATH OF NO RETURN – Holocaust 15 HUMAN DEMISE – Unstoppable Machines 16 STRENGTH APPROACH – the Greatest Guilt 17 BETTER OFF – Burn in Hell 18 CHEAP THRILLS – We’re All Broken 19 SCHIZMA – Angry God 20 SUPERIOR – Shadowwalker 21 BREAK AND ENTER – Just Like That 22 TRESPASS – Brotherhood 23 REDRUM INC. – Defence Line 24 BLACK CLOUD HALO – Smell of Fear 25 STRIKE FIRST – In Fear of Tomorrow 26 DEAFNESS BY NOISE – Security