Legends Stand Tall Compilation CD featuring 26 of todays finest hardcore bands from all over the world. From California to Pennsylvania to South Africa to Italy and beyond. Over 1 hour of hardcore that we all love. Features exclusive and unreleased tracks! A must have. Hear some of these bands first on SNS Records! DTD (Texas) ? SNS Records Stay Cold (Las Vegas) ? SNS Records Rise From Above (Germany) ? SNS Records Bloodline LTD (South Africa) ? SNS Records FACEOFF (Pennsylvania) One on One (Germany) Cutdown (Finland) Custodia(Ecuador) Not Til Death (Pennsylvania) Danforth (France) Another One Dead (Finland) No Salvation (Pennsylvania) Hardway (Italy) Backlash (Germany) Sabertooth(France) 20 Bulls Each (Ireland) 2 More Dead (Arizona) Live Set Disaster (Pennsylvania) Bloody Roar (Arizona) Revenge Is Bond (California) In A Blind Fury (Germany) Eighty-Proof (Oklahoma) Smash Your Enemies (Detroit) Concrete Reality (Pennsylvania) Still Alive (California) A Death and A Promise (Missouri)