Danish Hardcore on the rise! featuring Jacob and Michael from BARCODE, Laurits from AS WE FIGHT! and Lennart from STOMPED Recorded at Smart’n’Hard (Aarhus, DK) and Feedback Studios (Aarhus, DK). Mixed at the AntFarm(Aarhus, DK) by Tue Madsen. Engineered by Jacob Bredahl, produced by Jacob Bredahl & Tue Madsen.

1. Steadfast
2. Afterall
3. Another Sinking Ship
4. Past And Present
5. Times Are Changing
6. Question Mark
7. Dead Weight
8. Troubled Times And Minds
9. Moving On
10. Mental Block
11. Amongst Vultures
12. Pull Through
13. Nothing To Prove
14. No Holding Back
15. Talk Is Cheap And So Are You