Ten brand new brutal, intense and hard-hitting songs from these London based hardcore legends plus two bonus tracks which were recently released on 7� vinyl only. Expect a diverse and enthralling album with the right dose of crushing riffs, breakdowns, fast parts, some punkrock tunes and lyrics spitting anger and frustration, guaranteeing numerous singalongs, stage dives and relentless mosh pits. A typical Knuckledust sound which one can expect after so many years of unconditional friendship from these four dudes, who celebrate their 20th anniversary in 2016.

Tracklist: 1. Humanity’s Nightmare 2. Lost Politics 3. Family Ties 4. Weak Link 5. Broken Trust 6. Renegade 7. Life Struggle 8. Legacy Destroyed 9. Reflections 10. Chosen Few

Bonustracks 11. Foundation 12. Cycles