The 2007 album “Promises Comfort Fools” from UK finest Knuckledust will be out on Vinyl as a 12 track 12″ LP. With this release all previous albums from Knuckledust on GSR Music are now available on vinyl.
Old and new fans of Knuckledust will love this album and if you like music that is tough as nails, hard, aggressive and uncompromising, then you will have comfort in knowing that there is at least one album from 2007 that has those qualities as it’s foundations.
Including download card
First pressing: 300 black and a limited run of 200 silver colored LP’s

Track list:
A1 Staying Power
A2 Slash And Ignite
A3 Frontline Soldier
A4 Turntable
A5 Promises Comfort Fools
A6 Dreaming

B1 Untold Story
B2 Lost Sight
B3 Money Talks, Murderers Walk
B4 Against All Odds
B5 Twisted State
B6 Social Disease

Promises Comfort Fools was originally released on cd in 2007 by GSR Music.