With a predominantly South London based lineup, Kartel possess a brutal urban groove which viciously pounds through their songs. Bringing to mind too many bands to mention but generally influenced by the NY/NJ style of heavy hardcore, Kartel blend a wide mix of influences to create a unique but unmistakably London brand of hardcore. Featuring Neverbeenbeat-Pete from BDF and long standing LBU soldier Dave DBS dropping lyrical hatred over the heavy inspirational beats conjured up by Julio, Tom and John’s dirty southern fury, Kartel come like no other…

1) Stand Up London
2) Filth
3) Rise Of The Guttersnipe
4) Who Are You?
5) Dead To Us
6) Time’s Running Out
7) Don’t Die So Dumb
8) Victory
9) Beyond Fear
10) Stab Proof Vest
11) Reliegion