There are 14 original tracks in all which average 1:30 to 3 minutes in length, with covers of Gang Green’s ‘Alcohol’, Girl School’s ‘Emergency’ and Peter And The Test Tube Babies, ‘Banned From The Pubs’. So not only do you get quality original tracks but you get three classics played the only way Johnny Vomit knows how to, drunken and full of belligerence. The band cites bands such as Venom, D.R.I, Meatmen, Discharge, The Mentors, and Black Flag as their main influences, so you get plenty of thrashing grooves done hardcore style and vocals that are easily deciphered by drunken hardcore veterans. There are some pretty sweet leads placed through out to keep your more technical side appeased.

1) Barface
2) Bottomfeeder
3) Rock ‘n Roll Pussy Whole
4) Tuna Taco
5) Hippieocracy
6) Breadbag
7) Fuck
8) Disgracefull Authority
9) Boozehound
10) Flophouse [cd bonus track]
11) Plastic VAC BAC Girl
12) Beer Bong Barf Bag
13) Head Handle
14) What The Fuck
+ covers
15) Alcohol [cd bonus track]
16) Emergency [cd bonus track]
17) Banned From The Pubs