CD Tracklist 1 ?As I Lay Dying Meaning In Tragedy 2 ?Unearth The Great Dividers 3 ?Cataract As We Speak 4 ?The Red Chord Fixation On Plastics 5 ?Born From Pain The New Hate 6 ?The Black Dahlia Murder Statutory Ape 7 ?Neaera The World Devourers 8 ?Winter Solstice Celebrate The Virus 9 ?Into The Moat Dead Before I Stray 10 ?Since The Flood In My Eyes 11 ?Machinemade God Losses To Lessons 12 ?Losa The Beginning 13 ?The Red Death Aftertaste Of The Emaciated DVD Tracklist 1 ?As I Lay Dying Confined 2 ?Unearth Endless 3 ?Cataract Nothing’s Left 4 ?The Red Chord Antman 5 ?Born From Pain Rise Or Die 6 ?The Black Dahlia Murder A Vulgar Picture 7 ?Neaera Hibernating Reason 8 ?Winter Solstice Following Caligula 9 ?Into The Moat Empty Shell 10 ?Since The Flood Valor And Vengeance