One of the most anticipated Hardcore records in 2008 is finally available. And with this release, Ruhrpott’s most popular Mosh HC outfit is really setting a new standard in this genre. Musicwise but also with the original unique layout. Their sound became much more mature and variable ranging from Death Metal riffing to Old Style 2-step parts paired with hard as fuck breakdowns and cool singalongs, all packed in a rough production mastered by Andy Classen (RYKER´S, TANKARD, etc.). Also the layout is something special, feat. a comic styled artwork by Mike Hardcore printed on a huge 18-pages poster booklet.

1 Four Words
2 Aces High
3 Deeper Than Blood
4 S.F.P.
5 Get Lost
6 Venom
7 All Black
8 Strong City
9 On Thin Ice