Re-release of IN BLOOD WE TRUST´s sold out first MCD ‘Curb Games’  completely re-mastered and coming along with a fully fresh new layout by Chris Bacteria (DEADSOIL). As bonus the CD contains two brandnew songs and a so far unreleased promo track. 10 songs in total. This is brutal heavy hitting Hardcore shit straight form the Ruhrpott area full of mosh-parts, beatdown-breaks, 2-steps and singalongs.

Second pressing with different inlaycard. Letter font on the spine has changed. ‘Distributed by GOODLIFE’ got removed. New position of FWH logo and barcode. 523 copies were made.

1) Intro
2) Back To Reality
3) One Truth
4) As Far Back As I can Remember
5) What Have You Become
6) Mark These Words
7) The Curtain Falls
8) All Black
9) s.f.p.
10) In These Days