Debut 5 song EP featuring classic Erie ?Lake Effect? Hardcore style. Lots of groove, anger, and bite from some vets who have been playing in hardcore punk bands for almost 20 years. Think fast aggressive music ala Cro-Mags / Killing Time / Biohazard without being written just for the sake of breakdowns, some slight melodic leanings but in more of a Sheer Terror, Maximum Penalty meets Leeway kind of way, coupled with plenty of sing alongs you might find on a youth crew / oi record, and you can?t ignore the blazing guitar solos that would leave even Rocky George impressed. The members? age and experience shines through in the song writing without sounding overly dated or like they?re too stuck in the past. Just plain old solid hardcore embodying the energy and passion like we all grew up on and still love to this day. Packaged in a nice eco-friendly digipack. Members past endeavors include: Brother?s Keeper, Shockwave, Disciple AD, Jesus Wept, Run Devil Run, Abnegation, & The AKAs to name a few. tracklist: 1) Dark Days 2) Faded Pictures 3) Out Cold 4) Swine Flue 5) Time Tells All