Cool stuff: HC legends like Choke (Slapshot), Felix (RF 7), Kevin (7 Seconds) and Dan (crossing) are featured on this 7″ with awesome cover songs

Limited to 500.

Track1: 5 To 10 (originally performed by VILE)
Vocals: Choke (Slapshot)
Guitar: Gizz Butt (English Dogs)
Bass: Volkan (Devil Inside)
Drums: Sascha Bachmann

Track 2: Civilizations Dying (originally perfromed by ZERO BOYS)
Vocals: Kevin (7 Seconds)
Guitar: Rene Beckert (Anticops)
Bass: Rene Beckert (Anticops)
Drums: Mike Göde (Punishable Act)

Track 3: Intimidation (originally performed by THE BRUISERS)
Vocals: Felix Alanis (RF7)
Guitar: Gizz Butt (English Dogs)
Bass: James Dunkley
Drums: Sascha Bachmann

Track 4: Annihilation (originally performed by CRUCIFIX)
Vocals: Dan Kubinski (Die Kreuzen)
Guitar: Gizz Butt (English Dogs)
Bass: Greta Brinkman (Moby; Debby Harry, L7)
Drums: Sascha Bachmann